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I am Susie Fox, the creator of Foxfire Candles. Welcome to my Website! I have been sculpting my candle figurines since 1979. Over the years I have traveled over most of the United States attending many art and Renaissance Festivals. I have created over 100 designs of different animals, dragons, wizards, wine bottle, martini candles, unicorns, elves, Christmas, splatter, driftwood, and many more. My imagination went wild during my many years of sculpting. Especially traveling and living at Renaissance Festivals with so much nature and medieval energy. As I created new candles weekly, my customers also give me endless hours of fun creating unlimited ideas and fabulous new candles!

Each candle that I sculpt is a one of a kind original. I DO NOT use any molds. Each sculpture starts from a rainbow colored piece of warm wax hand dipped from my custom wax melting tank. Each piece of warm wax is then stretched, carved and hand molded under a heat lamp. I dress wizards, bears or elves with colored wax clothes and will add a crystal ball, football or book and reading glasses to identify their character! Finally, when I feel the sculpture is finished, the wick is added and it is placed in cold water to cool and harden.

Many of my customers have laughed or commented as they notice that each candle has a “personality of their own” or “This one looks just like my dog, cat or husband” or “I would NEVER burn these candles!" Over the years, I have noticed many customers returning to get another candle for their “collection” which many times led a customer to place a custom order.

My unique candle art business has given me so much joy over the years. I feel blessed and thankful for all my customers who have made it possible for me to still be sculpting into my 30th year!

If you happen to live or are visiting Colorado, please visit me at my “Foxfire Candle” shop at the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur Colorado weekends June and July. There you will see demonstrations of my candle sculpting technique. Some folks wander into my shop and think my figurines are made from a mold, so many years ago, I built a demonstration booth near my shop, and everyone can really see how the chunk of wax turns into a dog, dragon or whatever comes to my mind at the moment.

All your questions and custom orders are encouraged and welcomed. Prices will vary depending on the amount of time it will take to sculpt your custom creation.

Thank you for visiting Foxfire Candles!

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